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was given all the rights to defend himself, same with morsi, same with mubarak. nobody is above the law. >> a human rights campaigner says the trial is part of a campaign against the muslim brotherhood. >> there is a massive crackdown against the muslim brotherhood, and many of their senior and middle rank leaders are already detained without charges. there is a worrying pattern, targeting the brotherhood. met with tearers gas in downtown cairo today. the brotherhood is now banned. the former president is facing what looks like justice. >> there were protests in iran today, where demonstrators took to the streets with a familiar refrain. there are demonstrations every year that marked the anniversary of the siege, but these are the biggest in decades. tens of thousands of supporters of hardliners rallied to spew alsool on the u.s., but proposed negotiations with the west. >> there are protests every year on this anniversary. why were these ones so much bigger? is, theimple reason hardliners have been calling for a massive show of support. there is a conservative some would consider a ha
to explain how, as he sees it, the u.s. intelligence agencies broke the law. and mr. snowden is looking at how he might move from russia to germany. you can imagine traveling to germany, provided there is a guarantee he could stay here for another country -- or another country and be safe there. that means legally speaking, safe passage followed by asylum. visa to stay in russia expires next june. if it is not extended, the fugitive has a problem. if he leaves russia, the visa becomes invalid and he cannot return. in berlin, the american ambassador to germany has been saying that his embassy is not a nest of espionage, as some german media have labeled it. >> what we have on our rooftop bar some electronic equipment. we like you, like the rooftop of this building i am in, or in the communication business. we communicate with other embassies around the world. we communicate back in washington. we have satellite dishes. we receive telecommunications and other kinds of key medications. and so i would not get too excited about these articles that there is all sorts of electronics in the emb
for valid foreign intelligence purposes and we'll may work within the law. >> angela merkel would very much like to know why the united states has been monitoring her cell phone calls, perhaps this will. invaluable to us to know where countries are coming from, what their policies are, how that would impact us across a whole range of issues. >> or maybe this defense of the program would go down better in berlin. >> it is much more important for our country that we defend this nation and take the beatings than it is to give up a program that would result in this nation being attacked. >> this leads to a lot of red faces in the white house. it's not clear what president obama knew about the surveillance of foreign leaders, but it is awkward and may even force a change in policy. >> we give them policy direction but what we've seen over the last two years is the capacity continues to develop and expand which is why i'm initiating a review now to make sure that was a are able to do does not necessarily mean it is what they should be doing. >> washington's defense of the surveillance program is
. >> obamacare was signed into law 1002 hundred 56 days ago. since then there have been use their problem after user problem after user problem. >> they demanded to know who is to blame. >> who is responsible for overseeing this project? is it you or your designee? >> hold me accountable. im responsible. >> -- i am responsible. >> it will take strong presidential leadership to fix the existing problems. >> for more on political fallout, i am joined by a white house reporter for the liquor co.. is it too early to say whether this is going to be a success, in thet a disaster making? >> i think it is too early to say. there is a lot. the website problems were extraordinarily embarrassing for them. it is a structural problem for can fixram, but if they that that is a big problem off their plate. there is up evil in that market and build -- inability -- there al in thel -- upheav market. it is millions of people seeing their policies change. accept if people finally they will have a new health insurance plan, how much has this damage resident obama's credibility with the -- president obama's credib
.s. follows international law and tries to choose the actions "least likely to result in the loss of innocent life." the reports came as pakistani prime minister nawaz sharif met with president obama at the white house and renewed his calls for an end to the drone strikes. the two also discussed recent attacks on christians within pakistan. >>> in egypt, coptic christians mourned the victims of a deadly drive-by shooting this week at a cairo church. masked gunmen killed four people, including two young girls. the u.s. and international human rights groups condemned that shooting as well as a recent string of other attacks against egypt's coptic christian minority, estimated at about 10% of the population. despite hopes for an immediate change, the vatican's chief official for doctrine this week reaffirmed the catholic church's traditional teaching banning communion for divorced catholics who remarry. in an article for the vatican newspaper, archbishop gerhard mueller said those catholics may receive communion only if their previous marriage is annulled. pope francis had recently called for mo
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5